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  • Long Life 30-90 Mesh Glass Grit Cheap Abrasives for Blasting and Rust Removal

    Long Life 30-90 Mesh Glass Grit Cheap Abrasives for Blasting and Rust Removal

    Glass sand medium is an economical, silicon-free, consumable abrasive that provides aggressive surface contouring and coating removal. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass bottle glass, Junda Glass sand has a whiter and cleaner surface than mineral/slag abrasives.

  • Zircon Sand for Casting Ceramics Refractory Material Factory

    Zircon Sand for Casting Ceramics Refractory Material Factory

    Zircon sand (zircon) is extremely resistant to high temperatures, and its melting point reaches 2750 degrees Celsius. And resistant to acid corrosion. 80% of the world’s production is directly used in the foundry industry, ceramics, glass industry and the manufacture of refractory materials. A small amount used in ferroalloy, medicine, paint, leather, abrasives, chemical and nuclear industries. Very small amounts are used for smelting zirconium metal.

    Zircon sand containing ZrO265 ~ 66% is directly used as the casting material of iron metal in the foundry because of its melting resistance (melting point above 2500℃). Zircon sand has lower thermal expansion, higher thermal conductivity, and has stronger chemical stability than other common refractory materials, so high-quality zircon and other adhesives together have good adhesion and are used in the casting industry. Zircon sand is also used as bricks for glass kilns. Zircon sand and zircon powder have other uses when mixed with other refractory materials.

  • Copper Slag Grit Sand Blasting Abrasive for Surface Cleaning

    Copper Slag Grit Sand Blasting Abrasive for Surface Cleaning

    Copper ore, also known as copper slag sand or copper furnace sand, is the slag produced after copper ore is smelted and extracted, also known as molten slag. The slag is processed by crushing and screening according to different uses and needs, and the specifications are expressed by the mesh number or the size of the particles. Copper ore has high hardness, shape with diamond, low content of chloride ions, little dust during sandblasting, no environmental pollution, improve the working conditions of sandblasting workers, rust removal effect is better than other rust removal sand, because it can be reused, economic benefits are also very considerable, 10 years, the repair plant, shipyard and large steel structure projects are using copper ore as rust removal.

    When quick and effective spray painting is needed, copper slag is the ideal choice. Depending on the grade, it produces heavy to moderate etching and leaves the surface coated with primer and paint. Copper slag is a consumable silica free substitute for quartz sand.

  • High quality steel slag 60-80Mesh for good rust removal effect

    High quality steel slag 60-80Mesh for good rust removal effect

    Iron and steel slag can be divided into blast furnace slag and steelmaking slag. On the first hand, the former one is produced by the melting and reduction of the iron ore in the blast furnace. On the other hand, the latter one is formed during the steelmaking process by changing the composition of iron.

  • ceramic ball

    ceramic ball

    Product Description Junda ceramic ball refers to alumina powder as raw material, after ingredients, grinding, powder (pulping, mud), forming, drying, firing and other processes produced, mainly as grinding medium and widely used ball stone. Because the content of alumina is more than 92%, it is also called high aluminum ball. Appearance is white ball, diameter of 0.5-120mm. Company Profile Located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, Jinan Junda Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. provides...
  • Pink Funsed Alumina PA

    Pink Funsed Alumina PA

    Production process: The smelting process of chrome corundum is the same as that of white corundum, except that a certain amount of chrome oxide is added in the smelting process, which is light purple or rose color. Chromium corundum due to the introduction of Cr3, + improved the toughness of abrasive, its toughness is high white corundum, and close to white corundum hardness, used for processing large ductile material, its processing efficiency is higher than white corundum, and workpiec...
  • Stainless Steel Grit

    Stainless Steel Grit

    Product Description Stainless steel grit is stainless steel angular particle. It can be used to replace a variety of mineral and non-metallic abrasives, such as alumina, silicon carbide, quartz sand, glass bead, etc.  Stainless steel grit is mainly used for surface cleaning, paint removing and descaling of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel products, forming uniform surface roughness, thus especially suitable for surface pretreatment before coating. Compared with non-metallic abrasi...
  • Low Carbon Steel Shot

    Low Carbon Steel Shot

    Product introduction: The production process is the same as the national standard steel shot, using centrifugal granulation technology, because the raw material is low carbon steel, so omit high temperature tempering process, using isothermal tempering process production. Feature LOW CARBON STEEL GRANAL  ADVANTAGE COST  • Performance over 20% against high carbon shots  • Less wear of machinery and equipment due to the greater absorption of energy in the impacts in the pieces  •...
  • Koc approvl Garnet sand for Perfect Surface Treatment

    Koc approvl Garnet sand for Perfect Surface Treatment

    Junda garnet sand, one of the hardest minerals. We closely cooperate with the leading waterjet equipment manufacturers to develop the higher performance and more cost-effective products for the customers. We remain the garnet leading supplier in China who keep product research, development, performance and cost-effectiveness.

    Junda garnet sand is divided into three kinds, respectively, rock sand, river sand, sea sand, river sand and sea sand have excellent cutting speed, there is no dust products, clean effect, environmental protection.

  • Stainless steel shot with atomization forming technology

    Stainless steel shot with atomization forming technology

    Junda stainless steel shot has two types: atomized stainless steel shot and stainless steel wire cut shot. Atomized stainless steel shot is produced by German atomization technology and mainly used for sandblasting on the surface of aluminum profiles. The product has the advantages of bright and round particles, less dust, low loss rate and wide spray coverage. It can greatly reduce the production cost of aluminum profile enterprises.

    Stainless steel wire cutting shot is refined by drawing, cutting, grinding and other processes. Appearance bright, rust – free, cylindrical (cut shot). Widely used in copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and other workpiece surface spray treatment, for processed workpiece with matte effect, metal color, no rust and other advantages, without pickling rust removal. The wear resistance is 3- 5 times compared with cast steel shot and it can reduce production costs.

  • Excellent surface treatment White Aluminum Oxide Grit

    Excellent surface treatment White Aluminum Oxide Grit

    Junda White aluminum oxide grit is a 99.5% ultra pure grade of blasting media. The purity of this media along with the variety of grit sizes available make it ideal for both traditional microdermabrasion processes as well as high-quality exfoliating creams.

    Junda White aluminum oxide grit is an extremely sharp, long-lasting blasting abrasive that can be re-blasted many times. It is one of the most widely used abrasive in blast finishing and surface preparation because of its cost, longevity, and hardness. Harder than other commonly used blasting materials, white aluminum oxide grains penetrate and cut even the hardest metals and sintered carbide.

  • Durable hard fiber  Walnut Shells Grit

    Durable hard fiber Walnut Shells Grit

    Walnut shell grit is the hard fibrous product made from ground or crushed walnut shells. When used as a blasting media, walnut shell grit is extremely durable, angular and multi-faceted, yet is considered a ‘soft abrasive’. Walnut shell blasting grit is an excellent replacement for sand (free silica) to avoid inhalation health concerns.

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