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Sandblasting Protection

  • A variety of Sandblasting helmet for sand blasting

    A variety of Sandblasting helmet for sand blasting

    Introduction of the Junda helmet Advanced Abrasive Blasting Helmet

    Sand Blasting Helmet is used for operator’s safety. The sand blasting has some health due to the abrasive media. So there is various sand blasting safety equipment available.

    The Sand blasting helmet- Respiratory covering head, neck, & shoulders, ear, and eye protection.

    To survive the harshest of conditions, the Junda helmet is made of high pressure injection moulded engineering grade nylon. The helmet’s futuristic design looks sleek and streamlined, and keeps its gravity centre low, resulting in the optimum helmet balance, eliminating any top heaviness.

  • Sandblasting Helmet Breathing Air filter

    Sandblasting Helmet Breathing Air filter

    Sandblasting breathing air filter is composed of a breathing filter, a sandblasting helmet, a temperature regulating pipe and a gas pipe. It is mainly suitable for sand blasting, spraying, mining and other heavy-air-pollution environment. using compressed air forced ventilation after breathing filter effective moisture in the air, oil and gas, rust and tiny impurities, after a pipeline to the thermal control pipe, the input air. cold, warm temperature regulation, then enter a helmet for the use of filtrated.

    This protective system can effectively isolate the air in the working environment and the air used for breathing, thus providing maximum protection to the operator.

  • Sandblasting suits with double blast glass

    Sandblasting suits with double blast glass

    This is special-designed protective coverall available for the operator while sand blasting any material or surface.

    The operator is covered and protected fully against the spreading abrasive media. The operator’s safety is guaranteed and no abrasive can touch their skin and harm them physically.

    To provide the appropriate level of protection during every sand blasting application; garments, operator suit, and equipment recommended specifically for sand blasting should be used.

    Everyone in the area should wear all the necessary safety equipment, not just the operator working over there.

    Dust particles are still hazardous to health during cleaning any surface and all safety clothing should continue to be worn.

  • Sandblasting Gloves for all kinds of sandblasting operations

    Sandblasting Gloves for all kinds of sandblasting operations

    The operator should wear special-design gloves for blasting, made from leather, neoprene, or ruber materals.

    Long Sand blasting gloves create a continuous hurdle keeping dust from entering openings in clothing.

    Cabinet-style blasting gloves should be used when using a sandblasting cabinet, according to the cabinet manufacturers recommendations.

  • Durable and comfortable Sandblasting hood

    Durable and comfortable Sandblasting hood

    Junda Sandblast Hood protects your face, lungs and upper body when doing Sand Blasting or working in dusty environments. The large screen display is perfect for protecting your eyes and face from fine debris.

    Visibility: Large protective screen lets you see clearly and keep your eyes protected.

    Safety: The Blast Hood comes with sturdy canvas material to protect your face and upper neck.

    Durability: Designed for use with mild blasting, grinding, polishing and any jobs in dusty field.

    Applicaton of places: Fertilizer plants, cement factories, polishing industry, industry of the blasting, dust- generating industry.