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Our company ,Jinan Junda Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. , has been providing sandblasting abrasives and sand blasting equipment, spray paint&coating equipment for Sand Blasting, Surface Preparation and Corrosion Control in many different industries since 2005, including Oil & Gas, Mining, Structural Steel Fabrication, Water Infrastructure, Marine and Bridge Refurbishment work throughout all over the world with our head office  in Jinan city, Shandong province, China.



Jinan Junda Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

Junda focuses its business in the metal surface finishing field to develop the intelligent sand blasting equipment, kinds of abrasives and sand blasting protective kit.

The practical operation method of Junda sandblasting machine
In the practice of Junda sandblasting machine, in order to ensure the stable operation of equipment and promote the use of equipment efficiency, we need to master the corresponding practical operation methods. Jund...
Improved design of ventilation and dust removal system for Junda sand blasting machine
The ventilation and dust removal system of sand blasting machine is the key to the use of equipment, so before the equipment is put into use, the dust removal system should be adjusted and improved to fully meet the n...