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Koc approvl Garnet sand for Perfect Surface Treatment

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Junda garnet sand, one of the hardest minerals. We closely cooperate with the leading waterjet equipment manufacturers to develop the higher performance and more cost-effective products for the customers. We remain the garnet leading supplier in China who keep product research, development, performance and cost-effectiveness.

Junda garnet sand is divided into three kinds, respectively, rock sand, river sand, sea sand, river sand and sea sand have excellent cutting speed, there is no dust products, clean effect, environmental protection.

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Junda Advantages in Waterjet Cutting

Garnet comes in two basic forms, crushed and alluvial, the later being roughly similar to sand washed up on riversides. Our garnet for export is produced from our crystalline almandite garnet and river garnet sand. deposits. Thank to its sharp edges from crushing, this kind crushed garnet acts more like a sharp cutting tools so that it is superior to alluvial and have been shown to cut better and faster. 
Sharper Edges
Due to our Junda garnet sandis crushed from almandine rock, it acts more like a sharp cutting tools and can cut faster and more efficiently than alluvial garnet.
Faster Cutting
Crushed and selected from hard rock so that Junda  waterjet grade garnet produces harder and sharper edges than other waterjet abrasives. These characteristics enable our garnet more like a hard and sharp cutting tool to finish a faster cutting.

Koc approvl Garnet sand for Perfect Surface Treatment7

Better Edge quality
According to the cutting material and edge quality requirement, there are various special and proper waterjet grades recommended that enable a better edge quality.

Less Dusty 
Junda  garnet has high garnet purity and very low dust. That makes the whole cutting course more smoothly. 

Sea Garnet

sea garnet1
sea garnet2
sea garnet3
sea garnet4

River Garnet

River garnet
River garnet1
River garnet2
River garnet3

Rock Garnet Sand

Rock garnet sand3
Rock garnet sand4
Rock garnet sand5
Rock garnet sand6

Choosing the Proper Mesh or Grade

Junda offers various grades to match any focusing tube and orifice for any given cutting applications. Choosing the proper mesh, or grade, for the operation is very imperative. Different mesh sizes of garnet are designed to pass through different sized nozzles and choosing the wrong grade could be stop a waterjet operation completely. If the garnet grade is too large or coarse, the granules can jam inside a tube and cause a blockage. Too fine an abrasive have a tendency to “clump” together inside the cutting head and again, have the potential to clog. Or it may inhibit the flow of garnet in the feed tube and not consistently enter the venture of water flow between the jewel and nozzle. If you are not sure which mesh or grade is proper, feel free to contact us and we would like to give you our professional suggestions.

Coarse 60 Mesh
Medium 80 Mesh
Fine 120 Mesh
More fine grades 150 mesh, 180 mesh, 200 mesh, 220 mesh

Average Chemical Composition (Typical)

Al2O3 18.06%
Fe2 O3 29.5% 
Si O2 37.77% 
CaO 9% 
Ti O2 1.0% 
PO5 0.05% 
Mn O 0.5% 
Zr O2 Traces 
CHLORIDE CONTENT Less than 25ppm 
SOLUBLE SALTS Less than 100 ppm 
MOISTURE CONTENT Less than 0.5% 

Other Characteristics

Crystal System Cubic
Habit Trapezohedron
Fracture  Sub-Conchoidal 
Durability Very good  
Free Flow 90% Minimum 
Susceptibility to Acid None 
Moisture Absorption Non Hygroscopic, Inert. 
Magnetism Very Slightly Magnetic 
Conductivity Less than 25 Microsiemens per Meter 
Radio Activity Not Detectable above background 
Pathological Effects None 
Free Silica Content None 

Mineralogical Composition

Garnet (Almandite)








Physical Characteristics

Specific Weight 4.1 g/cm3
Average Bulk 2.4 g/cm3
Hardness 7 (Mohs Scale)
Mesh Size MM 16/30 MESH 20/40 MESH 20/60 MESH 30/60 MESH 40/60 MESH 80 MESH
14 1.40            
16 1.18 0-5   0-1      
18 1.00 10-20          
20 0.85 20-35 0-5 0-5 0-1    
30 0.60 20-35 30-60 10-25 0-10 0-5  
40 0.43 0-12 35-60 25-50 10-45 40-65 0-5
50 0.30   0-18 25-45 40-70 30-50 0-50
60 0.25   0-5 0-15 5-20 10-20 15-50
70 0.21       0-10 0-7 10-55
80 0.18     0-5 0-5   5-40
90 0.16           0-15


Garnet sand abrasive has features of good hardness, high bulk density, heavy specific weight, good toughness and no free silica. It is widely used in aluminum profile, copper profile, precision molds, and many other fields. And it is used for sandblasting, rust removing and surface treatment in stainless steel, carbon steel, steel structure, aluminum, titanium, galvanized parts, glass, stone, wood, rubber, bridge, shipbuilding, ship repair, etc.

Water Filtration
Thanks to it  heavy specific weight and stable chemical properties. Our garnet sand 20/40# can be used as the bottom media of filter bed in water filtration of chemical industry, petroleum, pharmacy, cleaning drinking water or waste. It is one of the most cost effective alternatives for water filtration beds to replace silica sand and gravel in water filtration, Especially it can be applied in  beneficiation  of  non-ferrous metals and oil drilling mud weighting agent, because it resets the filter bed more rapidly after the filter bed is back-flushed.

Water Jet Cutting
Our garnet sand 80# has features of sub conchoidal fracture, high hardness, good toughness and sharp edges.It can form new angular edges constantly during crushing and classifying. Water jet cutting uses garnet sand as the cutting medium, relies on high-pressure water jets to water jet cut oil and gas pipelines, steel and other components, stainless steel, copper, metal, marble, stone, rubber, glass, ceramics. Also for its high speed and fluency in water jet cutting, it will not jam the cutting tool bit used on water jet cutting machine.


Koc approvl Garnet sand for Perfect Surface Treatment01
Koc approvl Garnet sand for Perfect Surface Treatment02
Koc approvl Garnet sand for Perfect Surface Treatment03
Koc approvl Garnet sand for Perfect Surface Treatment04



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