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Sandblasting Equipment

  • Sandblasting nozzle with boron carbide

    Sandblasting nozzle with boron carbide

    Boron carbide sand blasting nozzle is made of boron carbide material and formed by straight hole and Venturi hot pressing.  It has been widely used in sand blasting and shot blasting equipment because of its high hardness, low density, high temperature resistance, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. 

  • Sandblasting pot for professional sandblasting work

    Sandblasting pot for professional sandblasting work

    In order to ensure the correct and stable use of Junda machine, it is very important to understand the equipment in detail. The following is introduced on its working principle diagram.

    There are dry and wet blasters. Dry sand blaster can be divided into suction type and road type. A complete dry suction blaster is generally composed of six systems: structural system, medium power system, pipeline system, dust removal system, control system and auxiliary system.

    Dry suction sand blasting machine is powered by compressed air, through the high speed movement of air flow in the negative pressure formed in the spray gun, the abrasive through the sand pipe. Suction spray gun and through the nozzle injection, spraying to be processed surface to achieve the desired processing purpose.

  • Sandblasting cabinet with customized according to customer requirements

    Sandblasting cabinet with customized according to customer requirements

    Our blasting cabinet are produced by experienced engineers team of JUNDA. To pursue the best performance, the cabinet body is steel plate welded with powder coated surface, which is more durable, wear-resistant and lifelong than traditional painting, and the main components are famous brands imported overseas. We ensure 1 year warranty period for any quality problem. 

    Depending on size and pressure, there are many models

    A dust removing system is used in the sandblasting machine, thoroughly collecting dust, creating a clear working view, ensuring that the recycled abrasive is pure and the air discharged to the atmosphere is dustfree.

    Each blast cabinet includes durable aluminum alloy casting blast gun with 100% purity boron carbide nozzle. An air blowing gun to clean remaining dust and abrasive after blasting.