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  • Junda Boehmite

    Junda Boehmite

    Product Presentation Junda offers a broad portfolio of boehmite materials The materials are differentiated first by dispersibility.Junda offers products ranging from the very highly dispersible, binding grade, PB950, to the less dispersible, extrusion grade, PB250A and PB150.And has the characteristics of high purity, narrow particle size distribution, good dispersion, good batch stability, etc., can be widely used in flame retardant, new energy battery diaphragm coating, lithium battery...
  • portable water knife cutting machine
  • Junda road marking machine

    Junda road marking machine

    Product Description Road marking machine is a kind of device specially used to delineate diverse traffic lines on blacktop or concrete surface in order to offer guidance and information to motorists and pedestrians. Regulation for parking and stopping can also be indicated by the traffic lanes. Line marking machines conduct their work through screeding, extruding, and spraying thermoplastic paints or cold solvent paints on to the pavement surface. Jinan Junda Industrial technology CO.,LT...
  • 28 gallon abrasive automatic recovery cycle sandblaster

    28 gallon abrasive automatic recovery cycle sandblaster

    Junda JD400DA-28 gallon sandblasting pot, built-in vacuum abrasive recovery system, Can use conventional abrasives such as garnet sand, brown corundum, glass beads, etc,built-in recovery vacuum motor and dust filter, can recycle abrasive。

  • 2000W high power laser sandblasting machine Laser cleaning machine Product name: Laser sandblasting
  • ceramic ball

    ceramic ball

    Product Description Junda ceramic ball refers to alumina powder as raw material, after ingredients, grinding, powder (pulping, mud), forming, drying, firing and other processes produced, mainly as grinding medium and widely used ball stone. Because the content of alumina is more than 92%, it is also called high aluminum ball. Appearance is white ball, diameter of 0.5-120mm. Company Profile Located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, Jinan Junda Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. provides...
  • Pink Funsed Alumina PA

    Pink Funsed Alumina PA

    Production process: The smelting process of chrome corundum is the same as that of white corundum, except that a certain amount of chrome oxide is added in the smelting process, which is light purple or rose color. Chromium corundum due to the introduction of Cr3, + improved the toughness of abrasive, its toughness is high white corundum, and close to white corundum hardness, used for processing large ductile material, its processing efficiency is higher than white corundum, and workpiec...
  • Stainless Steel Grit

    Stainless Steel Grit

    Product Description Stainless steel grit is stainless steel angular particle. It can be used to replace a variety of mineral and non-metallic abrasives, such as alumina, silicon carbide, quartz sand, glass bead, etc.  Stainless steel grit is mainly used for surface cleaning, paint removing and descaling of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel products, forming uniform surface roughness, thus especially suitable for surface pretreatment before coating. Compared with non-metallic abrasi...
  • Low Carbon Steel Shot

    Low Carbon Steel Shot

    Product introduction: The production process is the same as the national standard steel shot, using centrifugal granulation technology, because the raw material is low carbon steel, so omit high temperature tempering process, using isothermal tempering process production. Feature LOW CARBON STEEL GRANAL  ADVANTAGE COST  • Performance over 20% against high carbon shots  • Less wear of machinery and equipment due to the greater absorption of energy in the impacts in the pieces  •...
  • Wireless charging handheld electric portable nano Blue light disinfection spray gun

    Wireless charging handheld electric portable nano Blue light disinfection spray gun

    Features: 100% brand new and high quality. High-quality nanos spray port, using PA high temperature resistant material, fast fogging, large amount of fog With 540ml large capacity water tank, longer use time.Made of quality plastic material, durable to use. The compact body allows you to feel comfortable with the ergonomic design of the handle anywhere, Easy
    to carry, can be used in homes and beauty salons. Can put the disinfectant in a volumetric flask, can also be used for disinfection and sterilization, safe and effective.

  • Sand Blasting Machine for Steel Pipe Inner JD SG4 /Internal Wall Surface Rust Scale Cleaning

    Sand Blasting Machine for Steel Pipe Inner JD SG4 /Internal Wall Surface Rust Scale Cleaning

    JD SG4 series pipeline inwall sandblaster is a special device supporting the use of sandblasting machine to clean the pipeline inwall. It can be used in manual work, also in automatic work if equipped with other devices. These series are suitable for the pre-treatment of coating pipeline inwall in the fields of oil, chemical industry and shipping. The degree of surface quality after the treatment is up to Sa2 and Sa3. These sandblasters can handle the pipelines whose ID ranges from φ60mm to φ800mm. They are convenient and safe to use and maintain easily.

  • Jdsg-4-3 automatic inner wall sand blasting machine small sand blasting equipment

    Jdsg-4-3 automatic inner wall sand blasting machine small sand blasting equipment

    High performance and large capacity sandblasting gun JDSG-3

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