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Jdsg-4-3 automatic inner wall sand blasting machine small sand blasting equipment

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High performance and large capacity sandblasting gun JDSG-3

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JD SG4-3 series pipeline in wall sandblaster is a special device supporting the use cost sandblasting equipment to clean the pipeline in wall. It can be used in manual work, also in automatic work if equipped with other devices. Applicable for the pretreatment before coating for pipeline inner wall within the inner diameter range 30mm-70mm in the oil, chemical, ship, etc. industries.


1. JDSG4-3 Mini Sandblaster is commonly used as a supporting tool for other bigger sandblasting equipment to clean the inner wall of pipeline, and it could be operated manually or automatically.
2. The working principle of JD SG4-3 is changing the shooting angle of the abrasive stream by using a cone shape blasting head or rotary blasting head to cleaning the inner wall of pipeline. The structure is simple and easy for maintenance.
3. The major parts use the imported material, largely extending the machine lifetime and lowering down the use costs for customers.
4. The cleanness level reaches Sa2.5-Sa3.

Operating principle

When cleaning the inner wall of the pipe, it is necessary to configure a pressure feeding sandblasting machine and an air
compressor with enough air volume. The sandblasting hose of the sandblasting machine is connected with the inner wall cleaner of the pipe, and the manager is pushed into the top of the pipe to clean the work.
The equipment is the use of sand blasting machine pressure sent out of the air abrasive mixed flow, spray to the pipe inner wall cleaner cone nozzle, so that the abrasive guide to form a cone shape diffusion, so as to impact the pipe inner wall, to achieve the purpose of pipe inner wall cleaning.


1.JD SG4-3 series is a special supporting device for JD pressure sandblasting machine.
2. Adjust the degree of tightness of outer joint can in a way adjust the spinning speed of spinning nozzle holder. And the speed should be controlled within 30~500r/min.
3.If spinning nozzle holder stops spinning or spinning too slowly, it may be because of under pressure, too tight outer joint, stuck bearings or jamed nozzle. Stop the machine, and then adjust and check.
4.Before working,pipeline in wall sandblaster should be put in the in wall from one side to another, and dry pressed air must be inlet. When working, blasting pipe should be pulled out slowly to make it get out at a constant speed. If the cleaning quality can’t meet the requirements, work again to get the satisfactory effect.
5.If the abrasives are blocked and can not be sprayed out, it should be closed down first and exhaust, then have a check. 6). Quick-wear parts should be checked regularly,they should be replaced timely if worn, or they would have a bad influence on the efficiency and the blasting quality,and maybe Exhaust bring accidents

Technical parameters

Internal Pipe Sandblasting Gun






Container / Bottle Cleaning

Cleaning Process


Cleaning Type

High pressure cleaner

Applicable Industries

Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Retail, Construction works, Energy & Mining

Outer Machine Dimension


Max. Abrasive Size


Air Consumption

3 m3/min

Suitable Pipeline Inner Wall Dia


Working Pressure





Tungsten Carbide/Boron Carbide

Features introduced

Processing 30-70mm pipes, small and light, sand head anti-sand design, 360-degree

sand blasting, fast cleaning speed, advantages of small inner diameter pipe processing.


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