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portable water knife cutting machine

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JDPWJ – M – 3015

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Product Introduction

Water cutting equipment is mainly used in large machine tool equipment, manufacturing industry and smelting and mining, the volume and weight is relatively significant, and the price is high. Through unique design concept and advanced technology, unlike the traditional huge heavy high pressure equipment, the newly developed portable operating water cutting system is several times smaller, which is intelligent, humanized and safe. The system has a unique cold cutting features, fast, safe and efficient, can rapidly transferred to various conditions, It plays an important role in the field of dangerous goods and waste explosive disposal and rescue and damage breaking work. Water cutting machine has passed spark test, electrostatic detection and temperature detection, and met the explosion-proof requirements, especially suitable for coal mine waste anchor cable cutting, corrosion bolts, U shaped steel, rail cutting and modification, which are welcomed by the majority of coal mine enterprises friends.

Working principle

The working medium is filtered through the water storage tank and the low pressure hose and flows into the high pressure pump, the flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor is used to power the high pressure plunger pump in underground coal mine. The working medium is pressurized, the high-pressure water flow enters the abrasive tank through the high-pressure hose, and the abrasive is fully mixed, and then the abrasive is driven to accelerate, and it finally goes through the cutting gun, forming high pressure abrasive jet, and starts to perform the cutting operation.

Product Features

1, small size, light weight, portable, simple operation;

2, split design, convenient transportation, can meet the operation requirements in a narrow environment;

3, safety, no flame, low noise, no environmental pollution;

4, multi-function, rust removal, cutting, high pressure spray and other integration;

5. It can be cut separately with hydraulic power equipment such as mine emulsion pump.

Application Scenarios

It is mainly used in the following work in coal mine: cutting bolt, anchor cable, I-beam, U-shaped steel, chain ring, bolt, hydraulic single support removal, face removal, roof coal cutting, rust removal, dust suppression.

Product Advantages

1) The whole machine adopts full explosion-proof design, with the explosion-proof motor

2) Lightweight structure, small size, with wheels, flexible move

3) Equipped with Original high-performance plunger pump made in Italy

4) Pre-mixing sand design, adjustable sand flow-rate for different cutting

5) Powerful cutting, up to 30mm thick normal steel

6) All accessories for meeting different cutting request in different area

7) Safe valve and pressure adjusting valve are original from Italy

8) Easy operation and less maintenance

9) Long enough high pressure hoses, and long life

10) Can be a cleaning machine; with only changing a nozzle, in rust cleaning, especially in ship



Device name



High pressure water jet device

Pressure of work



The nozzle diameter



Cutting speed (10mm thick steel plate)



Rust removal rate

0.3 m2/min


Overall dimensions (length x width x height)



Equipment weight


High pressure water pump

Type of motor









Volume of filter



The pump flow

11 L/min

High pressure mortar mixing device

Overall dimensions (length x width x height)




30 L


Abrasive type

Emery sand, garnet sand


Abrasive particle size



Abrasive flow



Equipment weight

90 KG

tu (1)
tu (4)
tu (1)
tu (6)
tu (3)
tu (6)
tu (6)
tu (1)

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