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Different usages of Glass Bead

Glass beads are widely used as a new type of material in medical equipment and nylon, rubber, engineering plastics, aviation and other fields, such as fillers and reinforcing agents.​​

Road glass beads are mainly used in normal temperature and hot melt road marking coatings. There are two kinds of pre-mixed and surface-sprayed. Pre-mixed glass beads can be mixed in the paint during the production of hot-melt road paint, which can ensure the long-term reflection of road markings in the life period. The other one can be spread on the surface of the marking line for instant reflective effect during road marking construction.

Surface-treated coated glass beads, used in road marking construction, can greatly improve the adhesion between glass beads and hot-melt marking lines, enhance the refractive index of road markings, and have self-cleaning, anti-fouling, moisture-proof, etc.  Road glass beads are used to improve the reversal performance of road coatings and improve the safety driving at night.

Glass beads used for industrial shot peening and additives can be used on metal surfaces and mold surfaces without damaging the surface of the workpiece and improving the accuracy . It is used for cleaning and polishing of metal, plastic, jewelry, precision casting and other objects. It is a high-grade finishing material commonly used domestic and abroad.

High refractive glass beads are widely used for reflective fabrics, reflective coatings, chemical coatings, advertising materials, clothing materials, reflective films, reflective cloth, reflective signs, airport runways, shoes and hats, school bags, water, land and air life-saving supplies, night activities personnel wear, etc. 

Post time: Mar-04-2022