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How does blasting machine do moisture-proof work

In use process is easy to cause due to improper operation of automatic sandblasting machine be affected with damp be affected with damp, so in order to ensure the use efficiency of the equipment and the use of performance, can only be moistureproof equipment operation, equipment to be placed in ventilated breathe freely, daylighting sex good plant operation, equipment better devices on ventilation dust removal of moisture absorption of the sponge, and sponge will often change.  Once sandblasting equipment is affected by moisture in the process of use, the function of the equipment will be greatly affected.

So, how can we do a good job of sand blasting machine moisture proof method?  The equipment should be placed in the ventilation, good lighting plant operation, the heat dissipation hole of the equipment better device dust absorption sponge, and the sponge should be often changed.  Can do waterproof treatment to the equipment, such as spraying, dipping, sealing and other processes can strengthen the moisture-proof function of the equipment.

Choose electronic components and materials with low hygroscopicity to prevent the device from being affected by moisture.  If the equipment is not often used, it should be placed in a dry place, and put on the desiccant, and covered with a protective cover.  If sandblasting equipment encounters plum rain season and other wet season, it can use color-changing silica gel desiccant, and often replace the desiccant.  Clean and tidy the equipment to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment and its working environment.

In conclusion, we must do a good job in the moisture-proof operation of the sandblasting machine, and protect the sandblasting equipment to make the equipment play a better role.

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Post time: Feb-08-2022