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How is the manual sand blasting machine carried out sand suction operation

It is well known that the sand blasting machine is a kind of multi-model, multi-type equipment, among which the manual is one of the many types. Because of the majority of the types of equipment, the user can not understand every kind of equipment, so the next is to introduce the principle of the manual equipment sandblasting.

Principle: Suction sandblasting machine is one of the models that uses compressed air as power to form a high-speed jet beam to spray the jet material to the surface of the workpiece to be treated, so that the mechanical properties of the surface of the workpiece can be changed.

Working principle:

1. The compressed air source entering the dry sand blasting machine is divided into two ways: one way into the spray gun, used for ejector and acceleration of abrasive, in order to complete the sand blasting processing, through the filter for oil and water filtration of the compressed air, through the reducing valve can adjust the compressed air pressure into the spray gun, through the solenoid valve to control the opening and closing of the compressed air; All the way into the air cleaning gun, used to clean the surface of the workpiece and sand blasting chamber in the sand accumulation (ash).

2. Working principle of sand road abrasive pre-placed in the separator abrasive storage box, when the air road solenoid valve is started, abrasive is injected into the spray gun, the abrasive into the spray gun and then accelerated by compressed air, the workpiece can be sandblasting processing.

3. Working principle of the dust collector The dust collector and the separator are connected with a dust suction pipe. When the dust removal fan is started, negative pressure is formed in the sand blasting room, the external air is supplemented to the sand blasting room through the air inlet, and then enters the dust collector through the sand return pipe, thus forming a continuous gas circulation flow. The dust floating in the sandblasting chamber enters the dust removal unit along the connecting pipe with the air flow. After filtration by the filter bag, it falls into the ash collecting hopper, and the filtered air is discharged to the atmosphere by the dust removal fan. Dust can be collected by opening the bottom cover of the dust box.

The above is the manual sandblasting operation introduction, according to its introduction, can be clear in the use of equipment, reduce the operation error of equipment, so as to effectively extend its service life.

sand suction operation

Post time: Jan-19-2023