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Improved design of ventilation and dust removal system for Junda sand blasting machine

The ventilation and dust removal system of sand blasting machine is the key to the use of equipment, so before the equipment is put into use, the dust removal system should be adjusted and improved to fully meet the needs of the equipment.

After analysis, the following improvements were made to the original system:

First, change the original bottom exhaust to the upper exhaust.

Second, re-select the fan, calculate the diameter of the air duct, so that the air volume, wind pressure and wind speed adapt to the working requirements of the system. Add adjustable butterfly door before fan inlet.

Three, re-choose the dust collector, so that it is compatible with the current air volume and dust removal requirements.

Four, sandblasting machine indoor rubber, to reduce noise

The redesigned dust removal system is shown in the figure. Its working process is: air flow with sand particles ejected by the nozzle, impact on the workpiece, rebound after the coarse particles fall into the following sand collection bucket under the action of gravity, and small particles sucked out by the above exhaust vent, after dust removal: air purification by the fan into the atmosphere. After improvement according to the above design scheme. The working environment around the sandblasting machine is greatly improved to achieve the purpose of improvement.


Post time: May-12-2022