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Influence of steel shot & grit selection on blasting strength

The steel shot and grit in the shot blasting machine continuously impact the workpiece during the  blasting process ,to remove the oxide scale, casting sand, rust, etc. It must also have excellent impact toughness. That is to say, the steel shot and l grit material must have a strong ability to resist impact loads (the ability to resist the impact load without damage is called the impact toughness ). So what is the effect of steel shot and steel grit on the shot blasting strength?

1. Hardness of steel shot and steel grit: When the hardness is higher than that of the part, the change of its hardness value does not affect the shot blasting strength; when softer than the part, if the shot hardness decreases, The shot blasting strength is also reduced.

2. Shot blasting speed: When the shot blasting speed increases, the strength also increases, but when the speed is too high, the damage of steel shot and grit increases.

3. Size of steel shot and grit: The larger the shot and grit, the greater the kinetic energy of the blow and the greater the shot blasting strength while the consumption rate decreases. Therefore, while ensuring the shot blasting strength, we should only use smaller steel shot and steel grit. In addition, the shot blasting size is also limited by the shape of the part. When there is a groove on the part, the diameter of the steel shot and steel grit should be less than half of the inner radius of the groove. The shot blasting particle size is often selected between 6 and 50 mesh.

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Post time: Mar-21-2022