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Introduction of Junda bead blasting cabinet

Bead Blaster Cabinets

From the name, you’d have noticed that this equipment is where the Junda bead blasting process takes place. This cabinet must be of the highest quality to ensure the overall success of the process and to prevent whoever carries out the process. There are some essential aspects of top-notch cabinets.

First, their construction must be in solid materials. The sturdiness of steel makes it a great choice. It lasts longer and confers incredible durability on the tool. Furthermore, you don’t want to have a cabinet constructed with weak legs. Therefore, good, strong, and durable legs should be welded to the cabinet.

The legs must be able to support the cabinet’s weight, the parts to be blasted, and the bead media. Thus, unsteady legs will eventually wobble. This often proves dangerous to the worker. It can also be frustrating when the tool breaks down during work.

Seamless cabinet sealing

The Junda cabinet must have a good seal inside it. The best seals ensure that debris and dust from inside the cabinet do not leave the cabinet. Abrasive blasting dust and debris can hold several health risks. Inhaling those dust or having some slippery media on the floor can cause some serious injuries.

View window protection

One aspect of the Junda bead blasting cabinet most people overlook is the view window. Large windows will help you adequately observe parts and works inside the cabinet. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is the protection of the window. Some glass beads may cause frosting over time on the glass. Thus, they impair the visibility, making it very poor. So, including replaceable protective sheets on your view windows is a good practice to allow you to blast longer without issues.


Post time: May-12-2022