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Juda cast steel shot in accordance with SAE standard specification

Junda Steel shot preserves its lifetime for a long period inside the machine without being broken thanks to its bainite microstructure. Having a higher level of hardness, steel shot cleans the surface faster than competitor products. Especially when the parts needed to be treated are not simple shaped and have multiple edges, steel shot within the range of standards are not likely to clean every inch of metal surface. However, sieve distribution of each size is decided carefully to ensure best surface coverage which bring required surface quality in a short blasting period.

Another smart feature of steel shot is that the operation mix needed to cycle is already in hand before put inside the machine and it is being kept same during the entire operation.
Biggest advantage as a result for our clients is that surface quality will always be consistent. Junda Steel shot is a high-quality wear-resistant material, with moderate hardness, strong toughness, good impact resistance and long service life. It has good resilience, fast cleaning speed and low consumption when cleaning workpieces. Steel shots can be used in a wide range. Treating the surface of metal workpieces with steel shots can increase the surface pressure of metal workpieces. Which can improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece.

One of the important properties of Junda cast steel shot: density and hardness
1. The hardness of steel shot is directly proportional to the cleaning speed, but inversely proportional to the service life. Therefore, the hardness is high, the cleaning speed is fast, but the service life is short, the consumption is large, so the hardness should be moderate (about HRC40-50 is appropriate) to produce the most economic effect.
2. With moderate hardness and excellent rebound, every corner can be fully cleaned in the spraying process, reducing the processing time.
3. Internal defects such as air hole cracking and shrinkage cavity can affect the service life and increase the consumption.
4. When the density is more than 7.4g/cc, the internal defects tend to be minimum.

Generally speaking, forging and steel structure and other appearance requirements are not strict are basically more than 1.0, shipbuilding and car building are usually less than 1.0, the first judgment is the appearance requirements of spray printing goods, some forging companies will choose less than 1.0, and also depends on the size of the workpiece, surface hardness and so on.

Application field of steel shot
Derusting (shot blasting derusting, shot peening derusting, casting derusting, forgings derusting, steel derusting, forgings derusting, steel derusting, H-beam derusting, steel structure derusting).
Cleaning (shot blasting cleaning, shot blasting cleaning, die casting cleaning, casting shot blasting cleaning, forging shot blasting cleaning, forging shot blasting casting sand cleaning, steel cleaning, steel cleaning, H-beam steel cleaning, steel structure cleaning).
Strengthening (shot blasting, shot peening of heat treated parts, shot peening of gear).
Shot blasting (steel shot blasting, steel shot blasting, section shot blasting.  
Shot blasting (steel shot blasting, steel sandblasting, ship shot blasting, steel shot blasting, steel shot blasting.  
Play sand processing  
Steel shot pretreatment (coating pretreatment, coating pretreatment, surface pretreatment, shipplate pretreatment, section steel pretreatment, steel pretreatment, steel structure pretreatment.  

Post time: Nov-25-2021