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Junda garnet abrasive has 16 years of abrasive production experience

Junda garnet sand has large hardness, high density, good toughness, rich sharp corners and sharp edge toughness, and grinding pieces of high finish,garnet sand marks less and shallow, grinding surface fine and uniform, so garnet sand is widely used in water jet cutting, glass grinding, but also sandblasting rust, processing sandpaper and other industrial indispensable grinding materials.

As a new type of sandblasting abrasive, garnet sand does not contain harmful substances such as free silicon. In the process of operation, because of its high specific gravity and small dust, it also protects the health of the operators. At the same time, the product’s low energy consumption and recyclable features reduce waste after use and control use costs.

 In the process of garnet sandblasting, it can into the recesses on the surface of the workpiece to reach the surface of the metal, and can completely remove rust, water-soluble substances and pollutants. Therefore, the treated surface is  clean.

The pursuit of aerospace is flying body of high strength, light, so most of the materials are composite materials. The melting point of the composite material is not consistent, and the traditional cutting method cannot be carried out. At this time, the garnet sand water jet must be used to cut.  

Adding garnet sand in the water jet can make the cutting force qualitative change, and even can cut hard metal, garnet sand will not produce thermal deformation, will not cause subsequent processing problems, and it can cut the thickness also very large, is widely used in the aerospace field.  

Garnet sand can be used to cut hard materials in the aerospace industry. It can also be used to cut soft materials such as aircraft interior trim, including soft plastics, carpets, foam and fabric seats.  

Junda garnet rock sand model is divided according to the thickness, the particle size interval is one of the standards to determine the model, also represents the size of A garnet sand model, the difference between A and A+ level is A+ higher purity, more red color, sandblasting, water knife cutting efficiency, good durability.  

Junda garnet sand in addition to rock sand, there are Marine garnet sand, the range is a multifunctional, universal abrasive ideal.

For general water jet cutting, consists of the highest quality alluvial garnet.

Designed to achieve optimum surface finish and cutting speed.

Post time: Nov-25-2021