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Junda new product chrome corundum

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Product Introduction:

1, Junda chrome corundum is alumina powder as the main raw material, adapt to chromium oxide, smelting by high temperature arc furnace.

2, the color is pink, hardness and white corundum similar, toughness is higher than white corundum. The abrasives produced have the characteristics of good durability and high grinding finish.

3, suitable for measuring tools, machine tool spindle, instrument parts, thread workpiece grinding and other precision grinding.


Low chromium :0.2 ~ 0.45%

Medium chromium :0.45 to 1.0%

High chromium :1.0 to 2.0%

Production process:

The smelting process of Junda chrome corundum is the same as that of white corundum, but a certain amount of chrome oxide is added in the smelting process, which is light purple or rose color. Chromium corundum due to the introduction of Cr3, +, improved the toughness of the abrasive, the toughness of white fused alumina, and close to white corundum hardness, used for processing large ductile material, its processing efficiency is higher than white corundum, and also better workpiece surface roughness, chromium corundum adapted to the high toughness hardened steel, alloy steel, high precision measuring tools and instruments such as high workpiece parts finish requirements artifacts.

Product features:

1. Perfect refractory material, high toughness and self-sharpening hardness, sharp crystal edge.

2. Durable, hard, high pressure resistance, high wear resistance, iron free under normal conditions

3. Suitable for wet sand blasting and dry sand blasting structure

Product Application:

1. Used for pink fused alumina surface treatment: metal oxidation, carbide black skin, metal or non-metal surface rust removal, such as gravity die casting mold, rubber mold oxidation or free agent removal, ceramic surface black spots, uranium removal, paint regeneration.

2 beautification treatment: all kinds of gold, gold ornaments, precious metal products of extinction or fog surface treatment, crystal, glass, corrugated, acrylic and other non-metallic fog surface treatment, can make the surface processing into metallic luster.

3. Used for etching processing: jade, crystal, agate, semi-precious stones, seals, elegant stone, antiques, marble tombstone, ceramics, wood, bamboo and so on.

4. Precision bond grinding tools, such as ultra-thin cutting disc, cutting wheel, grinding wheel, etc.

5. Ceramic grinding wheels such as crankshaft grinding wheel, bowl grinding wheel, cup grinding wheel, installation point, ceramic grinding tools, etc.

6. Apply grinding tools such as sandpaper and polishing wheels.

7. High quality firebricks.

Post time: Aug-02-2022