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Junda Sand blasting machine for what types of surface processing

With the acceptance of Junda sandblasting machine by various industries, it is widely used in the surface processing of products in various industries, but there will be a lot of users can not clearly distinguish the specific application, so the following is the corresponding introduction.

1, suitable for dry sandblasting processing;

2, suitable for small and medium-sized parts of large quantities of sandblasting processing;

3, clean heat treatment parts, welding parts, castings, forgings and other surface of the oxide scale;

4. Clean the micro-burrs and surface residues of machined parts;

5, the workpiece surface coating, pretreatment processing before plating, can obtain active surface, improve the adhesion of coating, coating;

6, other processing methods difficult to complete the shape of complex parts finishing;

7, glass surface printing, engraving;

8. Ra value of workpiece surface roughness can be increased or decreased within a certain range;

9, improve the lubrication conditions of the motion matching parts, can reduce the motion noise of the motion matching parts;

10. It is also suitable for renovation of old parts.

Sandblasting machine can be applied to surface processing in the above industries, so the above users can rest assured to choose equipment. In order to better meet the needs of use, effectively remove surface burr, batch edge, oil and so on.

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Post time: Mar-02-2022