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Junda Wet sand blasting machine maintenance and use precautions

Water sandblasting machine is one of many sandblasting machines. As an important machine in industrial production, this equipment not only reduces the use of labor, reduces production costs, but also makes industrial production more convenient and quick. But if it is in operation for a long time, it will shorten the service life, so it is very important to do regular maintenance. Now let’s talk about equipment maintenance knowledge and matters needing attention.


1. According to different time, the maintenance of water sandblasting machine can be divided into monthly maintenance, weekly maintenance and regular maintenance. The general step of maintenance is to first cut the air source, stop the machine for checking, remove the nozzle, check and sort out the filter element of the filter, and sort out the water storage cup.

2, boot check, check whether normal operation, the total time required for exhaust when shutdown, check whether the closed valve seal ring shows aging and cracking, if this situation, to replace in time.

3. Check the safety system regularly to avoid safety risks during operation, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Points to note:

1. Switch on the air source and power supply required by the sandblasting machine, and turn on the relevant switch. Adjust gun pressure as needed. Slowly add abrasive into the machine compartment, can not be hasty, so as not to cause blockage.

2. When the sandblasting machine stops working, the power and air source must be cut off. Check the safety of each part. It is strictly prohibited to drop foreign matter into the inner cavity of the sandblasting machine, so as not to directly cause damage to the machine. The workpiece processing surface must be dry.

3. For the process that needs to be stopped in an emergency, press the emergency stop button switch and the sandblasting machine will stop working. Cut off the power and air supply to the machine. To shut down, first clean the workpiece, turn off the gun switch. Clean abrades attached to workbenches, sandblasted interior walls and mesh panels to flow back to the separator. Turn off the dust removal device. Turn off the power switch on the electrical cabinet.

Completely clean the abrasive material attached to the working surface, the inner wall of the sandgun and the mesh plate so that it flows back to the separator. Open the top plug of the sand regulator and collect the abrasive into the container. Add new abrasives to the cabin as needed, but start the fan first.

The above is the introduction of the maintenance and use precautions of the water sandblasting machine. In short, in the use of the equipment, in order to give full play to the efficiency and life of the equipment, it is very necessary to operate in strict accordance with the above introduction.

Junda Wet sand blasting machine

Post time: Nov-24-2022