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Rules for safe operation of Junda sand blasting machine

Junda Sandblasting machine is a kind of casting cleaning equipment that is often used for the surface derusting and rust removal of corroded materials or workpieces, and non-rust metal oxide skin treatment. But in the process of using the equipment, a detailed understanding of its operating procedures is the key to ensure the safe use of the equipment.
1. The air storage tank, pressure gauge and safety valve of sand blasting machine should be checked regularly. The gas tank is dusted biweekly and the filter in the sand tank is checked monthly.
2. Check the sand blasting machine ventilation pipe and sand blasting machine door is sealed. Five minutes before work, it is necessary to start the ventilation and dust removal equipment. When the ventilation and dust removal equipment fails, the sand blasting machine is prohibited to work.
3. Protective equipment must be worn before work, and no bare arm is allowed to operate the sandblasting machine.
4. The compressed air valve of sand blasting machine should be opened slowly, and the pressure is not allowed to exceed 0.8mpa.
5. Sandblasting grain size should be adapted to the requirements of the work, generally applicable between 10 and 20, sand should be kept dry.
6. When the sandblasting machine is working, it is forbidden to approach irrelevant personnel. When cleaning and adjusting the operation parts, the machine should be shut down.
7. Do not use sand blasting machine compressed air blowing body dust.
8. After the work, the sand blasting machine ventilation and dust removal equipment should continue to operate for five minutes and then close, in order to discharge indoor dust and keep the site clean.
9. The occurrence of personal and equipment accidents, should maintain the scene, and report to the relevant departments.
In short, the use of equipment in strict accordance with the operation requirements of sand blasting machine can better ensure the safety of the use of equipment, improve the use efficiency of equipment, and prolong the service life.

Post time: Nov-25-2021