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The influence factors of sandblasting strength of Junda sandblasting machine

Junda Sandblasting machine in the use of the sandblasting strength can be directly related to the use of equipment quality, so in use, we need to understand any factors that can affect the strength of equipment sandblasting, in order to ensure the use of equipment.

The process parameters that affect the sandblasting strength of sandblasting machine mainly include: sandblasting diameter, sandblasting velocity, sandblasting flow rate, sandblasting time and so on. The larger the diameter of sandblasting, the faster the speed, the greater the momentum of sandblasting and the workpiece collision, the greater the intensity of sandblasting. The residual pressure stress formed by sandblasting can reach 60% of the tensile strength of parts material. The depth of residual K stress layer is usually 0.25mm, and the upper limit is 1mm. Sandblasting strength needs a certain sandblasting time to ensure. After a certain period of time, the sandblasting strength reached saturation, and then prolonged sandblasting time, the strength no longer significantly increased. In the Almen test of sandblasting strength, the performance of sandblasting strength is the increase of deformation of test sheet.

In the Almen test, commonly used sandblasting strength test piece (for non-ferrous metal test), A test piece (commonly used), C test piece (high strength) for measurement, A test piece and C test piece of the relationship is approximately three times. If the strength measured by C test sheet is 0.15~0.20tmn, it is equivalent to 0.45~0.60mm of A test sheet. In the test process, the original deformation of the test sheet is measured first, and then the working device of the stuck test sheet is installed in the sandblasting box, and the same process as the workpiece is sprayed. At the end of sandblasting, the test piece was removed and the height of the scene deformed arch was measured.

The above is the introduction of the factors affecting the sandblasting strength of the sandblasting machine. According to its introduction, it can better ensure the use efficiency and performance of the equipment, so as to effectively extend the service life of the equipment.

Post time: Jun-22-2022