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What kind of sand does Junda sand blasting machine choose

Sand as an important material in Junda sand blasting machine equipment, the use of its products also has certain use requirements, for example, the type of sand used in different cleaning ranges is also different, so, in order to facilitate everyone’s understanding, the next type of sand is introduced.
The metal surface sandblasting machine uses sand this mainly according to your requirements for the workpiece, your workpiece to achieve what kind of effect, the same sand also has different grades, so we should have samples to let the manufacturer make a sample first. Usually stainless steel and aluminum alloy products are made of glass beads, ceramic pellets or plastic sand, plastic products are made of walnut sand, iron products are made of steel pellets, steel sand or alloy sand (corundum, copper sand, corundum sand, etc.), titanium steel is made of silicon carbide, alloy steel or high hardness materials are made of corundum.
Junda Sandblasting derusting engineering in the sandblasting room is mainly used in the material is steel shot sand, iron wire section and other materials, because the service life of steel shot sand in the sandblasting room is currently higher, sandblasting cost is relatively low, but it can not meet the requirements of sandblasting grade in some high quality areas.
For stainless steel and other materials such as sandblasting and some outdoor sandblasting engineering is only the use of non-metallic abrasive sandblasting treatment, such as garnet sand, brown corundum and other abrasive, but brown corundum cost is too high, so garnet sand is also more and more applied to sandblasting sand field.
The above is for different use of sand blasting machine. According to the introduction above, we can make a better choice and prevent the wrong use.

Post time: Feb-25-2022