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Why Our Filter Media Is Superior

Honest Horse rock garnet mined from natural garnet rocks underground, it have sharper edges and high hardness, the toughness is also very well, it can be used for water filtration, can meet the customers applications.

Due to the size, hardness and spherity of the garnet sand particle sizes along with our proven manufacturing process, Honest Horse filter garnet sand has tighter tolerances than many of our competitors, thereby making it more efficient in filtering water.

Our filter sand also improves filtering efficiency by reducing retention time and head pressure loss with greater flow rates. Most of all, when you purchase your filter media requirements from Honest Horse, you can be sure that uniformity co-efficients for the filtering material are fully tested, certified and approved prior to delivery.

Compared with silica sand,

Silica’s filter sand is sub-angular in nature, A floating cutterhead dredge is used to produce a sand slurry. The slurry is washed, classified, flame dried and screened in accordance with AWWA Standard B100 and is listed with NSF Standard 61 as an approved filtration supplier. AWWA B100 is required for filter sand. Filter sand is primarily specified by effective size and a uniformity coefficient. By definition, effective size is that opening (in mm) that will just pass 10% of a representative sample of a filter material. Uniformity Coefficient is a ratio of size opening (in mm) that will just pass 60% of a representative sample of a filter material divided by that opening that will just pass 10% of the same sample. Silica sand shall have a specific gravity of greater then 2.50 and acid solubility of less than 5%. Silica sand shall be visibly free of clay, dust, miciaceous and organic matter.

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Post time: Jun-01-2022